Power Play!

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Sadaharu is a failed eroge illustrator who is surviving on the occasional part time gig. While hanging out in a diner wishing that a beautiful girl would fall from the sky, like the ones from his games, in crashes Sara! The dark skinned magical familiar immediately informs Sadaharu that he is the reincarnation of the lecherous Dark Lord Shadal! Confused as to how a character from his game is now in the real world, Sadaharu is soon caught in an erotic web of fantasy and romance apparently born from his horny past. But if the demonic cohort Sara is real, then what of the trio of tempting holy warriors he created to bring Shadal to his knees? Power Play by hentai legend Yamatogawa is the perfect choice for reverse isekai enthusiasts, lover of harem stories and cute fantasy heroins who use their magic to pleasing results. FAKKU Books edition of Power Play includes a new translation, cover design, matte jacket, and everything else that has consistently made FAKKU a critical hit in hentai comics. Be sure to check out FAKKU Book’s publication of Yamatogawa’s Witchcraft as well to start your collection!